Local Google, very cool new idea from the Oligarchs of Search. Would be very cool if this could be integrated into a mobile and automatically selected where you are.

Spoken interface from Apple. As usual nice idea but a little weird to be in an office where everyone is bantering away to their computer. Also would the computer be hurt when you are ranting at it for doing something you didn’t want it to do. Like it wouldn’t re-boot until you say sorry, buy it a new USB port and promise never to say such horrid things again. I’ll stop now…

Guinness Beer

Bob Zangas’ last entry…‘OK….that’s enough for today. Hang on to your dreams!’ Very strange concept the idea that these arbitrary comments still so fresh can carry such power.

Mariah Carey
Margaret Thatcher
Isaac Asimov

Would make a great sci-fi. The Iron Lady attacks the Butterfly.

American idol
favourite TV show
lord Jesus Christ
says it all really

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