Blogs defined by many as a fairly personal content form on the Internet. A person’s Web log is almost like an open diary.

Blogdex ‘uses the links made by webloggers as a proxy to the things they are talking about. Webloggers typically conceptualise their writing with hypertext links which act as markers for the subjects they are discussing. These markers are like tags placed on wild animals, allowing Blogdex to track a piece of conversation as it moves from weblog to weblog’.

I think this is rather interesting and have integrated some RSS feeds on this site (right hand nav: BlogPeople / BlogPhrases and BlogLinks). These are taken from BlogPulse (from the Intelliseek Applied Research Center) which automatically tracks trends on weblogs. Apparently because ‘The most popular phrases and names change very slowly over time. The burstiest phrases and names are those whose frequency of occurrence has increased significantly over the past two weeks, often dramatically.

With this in mind I propose an experiment using BlogPeople / BlogPhrases and BlogLinks) as a reference, I will track the trackers, mine the miners, depth charge the depth chargers. And in the true spirit of postmoderism, self-reference the self-referencial. Are there patterns in the way blogging works, or is it just a immeadiate reaction to what’s going on around us, a further extension to mass media? It may turn out that all I am simply doing is further hacking up a snapshot of a much wider picture, or that I see what I want to. But hey, where would we be without ridiculous theories and conjecture. That’s what the web’s best at. And ofcourse it gives me something to blog about

So todays top ten peeps are….

Bob Zangas
Mr . Zapatero
John Howard
Jose Maria Aznar
Tim Blair
John Quiggin
Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
Peter Bagge
Minister Leszek Miller
Sgt . Camilo Mejia

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