Seeing as its Election day (Local, Mayoral and European) and the faint whiff of xenophobia is in the air it seems right for me to write about my own attempt of cultural exchange in this torrid time – yes I visited west london.

As a native North Londoner, going to any of the other ‘quadrants’ is quite a feat (both mentally and technically). Of course I made sure I had my passport, malaria shots and insurance before getting on the Circle line en-route to Earls Court, but all in all it was a wonderful experience. Once I had clawed my way through the throng of 4×4 driving, Burberry wearing throng, I found that much of the experience was actually quite pleasant.

For some reason (and I am sure this occurs in most major cities), people tend to become quite tribal when living in London and will associate themselves with one of the 4 quadrants; west, east, North and south (salf). Indeed most of it is banter, yet sometimes this can descend into horrible stereotyping and myth creating (as most of this Blog is demonstrating in an almost Kilroy-esque way).

The reason for under-taking such a trip was to see a friend perform at the ‘Troubadour’ cafe. An excellent place with some excellent bands; Fireworks Party, The Light Years, Jamie Russell, Southpaw and Erik Windrich.

Much enjoyed. I think I might review my London containment. Next week east lahndan. Love a duck. Ooops maybe need a little longer.

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