What Level?

So the pass rate has again shot up in A-level results. What are we to make of this then, have exams got easy, are the press more boring. And anyway how many Sun hacks could even answer a maths question these days. Turds.

Go on m*therf*cker:

1) The following raw data was obtained from the ages of 31 people asked in a cinema one Saturday afternoon

21 17 24 23 43 42 14 51 22 18 17
15 16 23 33 21 12 13 34 22 15
12 17 22 28 29 32 38 12 11 8

a) By drawing a stem-and-leaf diagram find the median age of cinema goers, and the inter-quartile range.

b) Using the answers obtained in part a) draw a boxplot of the ages of cinema goers that afternoon and comment on the shape of the distribution, i.e. do you think there is any skew to the distribution?

c) Are there any ‘outliers’ in this distribution. Use the rule that an ‘outlier’ is a value more than 1.5 times of the inter-quartile range from either quartile.

Psych. Bitch Monkeys, leave the poor kids alone, they have just worked their arses off for the best part of a year to earn this result.

So what if they are getting better results, maybe it means less of them will end up working for the hate-mongering, sycophantic, fear fear fear, kill all the bad people press machine.

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