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Soooo, after the breach at the palace, we had yet another one yesterday by a bunch of moon faced thugs in the house of commons. I am sorry but this is blogger gold. I get to rant, post thinly veiled insults against provincial thugs and delight in yet more genius headlines.

God bless the U.K of A (anarchy).

Daily Mail: ‘CIVIL WAR’
Daily Express: ‘TALLY OH!’
The Star: ‘FOR FOX SAKE’ (eh?)
The Independent: ‘The country comes to town’

The Daily Mail tried to even justify such violence with the header ‘This explosion of rage by those who wouldn’t normally dream of breaking the law will be the defining event of the Blair State….’

Pleeese, ‘wouldn’t normally dream of breaking the law’, bollox, those lot break the law when things don’t go exactly as planned (trespassing) or their unhappy about things, with absolutely no regard for the rest of us (not exactly democratic is it). Sorry but there are many things that we are not happy about in life, and we all have a right to protest against them. But it does not give anyone the right to basically storm parliament and riot. The likely effect is to actually take away our democratic right of confronting our MP in the commons, i.e. so we can air our views about issues we would like to protest about.

If the Mail are correct about civil war then I say bring it on. In the last census over 90% of UK residents lived in Urban areas.. dear oh dear, looks like the county folk are out numbered, out dated and in serious need of a reality check.

First round: Salford & Glasgow vs. Hungerford & Chesham

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