Fucken i.e.

No fucken (albeit optional) alpha channel support for PNG in Internet Explorer for Windows.

I really am getting quite annoyed at the general contempt Microsoft is showing for web developers. I mean i.e. 6 is 4 years old…..! The internet as we know it today is only really 8-10 years old. Imagine if the only cars we could drive we all based on 50 year old technology, going to the doctors and receiving only 200 year old medicine practices ~ this man is an imbecile , the treatment -blood letting / this man has scurvy – the treatment – blood letting!

Yes there is a hack and yes there is an explanation. But I am fed up with hacks muddying (even further) my code with yet another workaround to accommodate one browser (yes a [sub]90% usage browser).

Its like the annoying kid at a birthday party who won’t join in, generally wines about everything and smells of biscuits. But you can’t do a damn thing coz his brother is a psycho who will shove pencils in your nose, and one little complaint from any of you is met with a wailing ‘i’ll tell my brother about you’!.

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  1. Clibs are a variation of cribs but they are more painful. I should point out they are not as painful as instructing IE to display content in a manner which we is consistant with the rules/guidance laid down.

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