From BBC’s new podcasting experiment I started to listen to the Radio 4 program In our Time, specifically the one concerning Beauty. Some great concepts on the Philosophy of Beauty, and in turn Art, reality and well everythign really.

Some concepts I picked up on from the program:

Art is created due to our desire to re-create beauty we see and experience around us. However this rasies the question about the nature of beuty, art and reality.

Aesthetic Beauty (i.e. sensible, perception of the five senses, via thought, objective) versus Moral Beauty (i.e. divine, abstract, via feeling, noble).

Plato – An object is beautiful to the extent that it participates in the Idea, or Form, of beauty.

Aristotle – Beauty is the gift of God

Is beauty inherent in the object or simply objective, as in the beholder?

Hegel – Beauty, Feeling, Knowledge have a rational, cognitive value. For through Religion, Art and Philosophy the members of a People can mutually recognize their feeling, beauty and knowledge. Essentially Art will dwindle in its effectiveness as we move closer to ‘reality’.

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