So 2006 has arrived. I only really want to post today to see 2006 in the title. So as I am here, I may as well do what all others are doing and attempt to predict what will happen in 2006.

I have already made my feelings clear about prediction, so forgive me for being a little negative about the entire process.

  • A company I hate will not be successful this year and their new product(s) will bomb
  • A company I love will be really successful this year and their new product(s) will do really well
  • This will be the year when four letter anachronism comes into the mainstream
  • Three letter anachronism will continue to grow throughout 2006
  • Three letter anachronism 2.0 finally replaces Three letter anachronism
  • Something something, exclamation point
  • I am the lord of predictions, bow before me
  • I will edit this post in Dec 2006 to make me look good

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