Grauniad vs Dogwonder

I have been working in the Kings Cross area for some time now (and no, I am not a lady of the night). I have seen the area change quite considerably since working here, many a time was I welcomed to my building by somebody injecting brown muck into their arms or offering certain ‘services’ on my short walk from the tube station to the sanctity of our building.

With the development of the new European terminal at Kings Cross station, the area is gradually being converted from a crumbling Victorian mess into a kinda cool, glass and brick warehouse place.

For some time it has been rumoured that the guardian are to move into the area from thier current location in Farringdon. I have just found out that they are infact moving next door to where I work into a rather new swanky building (where previously sat a 60s modernist cube of brick containing a various storage facilities with a faux Olde Worlde Pub attached to the side).

Image below to illustrate:

dogwonder vs thr guardian

Sweet. More info here

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