Day 8 – Strangest places ✈️

Prompt 8/10

Blog: Tell us about the strangest, most interesting, or otherwise noteable place you’ve done WordPress-related things. Post your response on a WordPress website and link it in the comments.

Well, it’s Heathrow airport, twice.

First time was a colleague of mine, Mark, finishing the company website refresh (migrating away from Movable Type) on the coach journey to Heathrow alongside the rest of the company, when we got wifi in Terminal 5 he was able to deploy it. Then board a plane.

The second…..was also Heathrow Airport on the way to a client workshop in Texas. Another client, even though was explicitly told *we would be on a plane for several hours* had an urgent bug so I had to fix it and deploy it over 3G in a pub in Heathrow. Then board a plane.

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