Blog will eat itself

Blog Survey….
So it seems that Blogs are generally written by male Caucasian 21-30 years olds in the U.S. Sooo the phrase ‘blogging is slowly becoming more of a mainstream phenomenon on the Internet’ may not be that relevant.

My experiment is starting to seem a bit like Jane Austin…

‘Her novels are highly prized not only for their light irony, humour, and depiction of contemporary English country life, but also for their underlying serious qualities.’

Replace ‘her’ with white ‘urban male 20 year olds based in the US’ and ‘contemporary english’ with ‘contemporary culture’ and your pretty much there with a good alround definition of Blogging.

I think my experiment has run its course….oh dear…three days. This comes round to an issue about editing the edited. If everyone uses tools like Blogdex and Blogpulse to get links to place in their Blogs and then Blogdex and Blogpulse are tracking the links, then aren’t we in an ol’ fashioned paradox?

Carry Bradshaw moment:
‘If Bloggers Blog the already Blogged then aren’t we just a little (pause) Blogged out?’

I think I will still look at the top links, if only to see trends across the Internet, but maybe not draw too many conclusions. Ho Hum.

Coming tommorow:. mindless ramblings about my own experiences and self-righteous comments about sleb culture….its more fun that way…viva la difference!
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