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Today’s Blog mining experiment (or mining the mining) has thrown up some interesting findings, not least from the content but the juxtapositioning of the data and the editing:

Man treated after attempting to nail himself to cross:

“When he realized that he was unable to nail his other hand to the board, he called 911,”

The most influential reporters and bloggers on the web.
“This list is generated by counting unique references (links) to articles and posts authored in the last 60 days and mixes bloggers with reporters from traditional media.”
Bit of a strange one as I got this link from a XML feed tracking web trends. Ooh self-referential…what came first?

When Slebs Swear
Channel 4’s self-promotional ad showing Scrubs stars, Tony Robinson, Richard & Judy et al swearing like Dockers.

Get this for a list of people (this is in order of display!):
Tony Blair
Adolf Hitler
Margaret Thatcher
Allen Iverson
Ashton Kutcher
Virginia Woolf
William Shakespeare
Jackie Chan
Karl Marx

The mind boggles what that lot would talk about…

and finally BlogPhrases:
The White House is understandably upset about SENATOR JOHN KERRY’s assertion that many foreign leaders are eager to see an end to the Bush….
Clintons legacy lives on

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