Monkey Jail

‘Doing hard time in monkey jail’

‘He was one bad monkey. And last week he was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes, inmate No. 13 at the country’s only known monkey jail, where very bad monkeys are sent to live out their remaining years.’

‘”Monkeys are very furious,” said Ujagar Singh, the Patiala district spokesman. ‘

‘Once put in jail, they are not given names. Instead, jailers refer to them by where they were caught: Sanam Monkey or Jalandhar Monkey. “They are so notorious, why should we give them a name?” Atalia said. “They don’t listen anyway,” added Surinder Singh, who is in charge of the Motibagh zoo. ‘

‘people remembered him with a mixture of fear and fondness. Sure, he threatened the children with bricks, but he also was cute, people said.’

Absolute bloody genius….sometimes this bloggin business is easy.

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