mac mini vs WinPC

So the netizens are restless. It seems the mac mini has caused quite a stir. There are a lot of very angry people out there furiously defending, and attacking the other side. Not a new development granted. However there seems to be fresh bile in this one, one side of the argument has always been that macs are too expensive. This with the advent of the mini seems to have deflated that argument somewhat.

Now what we get are the bare bones of the face-off. PC users with a fair amount of anger are slating the mini as a poor option, mostly due to the specs of the system. ‘But Dell ships a 2.6 GHZ machine for the same price! And a monitor is included.’ Blah de blah.

I myself am/was a PC user, yet many of my interests (Design – Product and Graphic, Datamining, Usability, IxD and HCI) have been progressively dismissed by Windows as not the most important part of what they are trying to achieve. Fair enough. But it is that exact reason I have now moved to the Mac. It is simply a delight to look at, use and create on.

I know I have made the correct decision when one of the battling netizen uses the below as an argument for PC’s.

‘or I could grab an equally stylish, full-featured eMachine….with the added benefit of being able to run Windows XP’

I just feel my creativity may be stiffled by the above piece of product design.

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