A few things to remember…

Source: Asterisk

Less is usually more. Less code, less words, less visual elements—all usually better.
The best solution is often the easiest one.
If you’ve got a choice between simple and complex, choose simple.
It doesn’t have to be simple, but it has to be clear.
Be careful with clever. Straightforward is almost always preferable to clever.
Use plain language.
Find the core of the problem, or project and nail that first. Then stop.
Be really good before you try and be better than the rest.
Originality isn’t always a good thing. It’s possible to be too different.
Don’t design for everyone.
When it comes to features, go for the win-win.
Make sure your users actually want and need any features you plan on adding. Weigh anything extra against your goals and focus on added value. If it’s not there, or your not sure, don’t do it.
Before you launch, see what you can safely strip away.
If you feel compelled to add something extra, make it as unobtrusive as possible.
If it doesn’t work, or isn’t used, remove it.
Only publish what you can manage (thanks Gerry).
Know your audience.

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