The Top Ten Design Mistakes

So Jacob has listed another top ten. This time concerning what mistakes bloggers make. The suggestions are sensible and helpful, list a biog, post an author photo, irregular posting frequency…etc.

Most of the suggestions make sense, but I can’t but help think that the suggestions are a little robotic in their nature. In my opinion blogs and blogging are not so much type of website, more a reflection of the users of the internet. Surely by rationalising the users, we are rationalising the diversity of content, which seems to me to be the selling point of the blogosphere. A democracy of content production where the best/worst/strange/obscure/funny bubbles to the top regardless of who, where, why and how that content got there.

Ofcourse accurate listing, tagging and understanding of content helps it bubble up much easier in the frantic semantics of the blogosphere. But damn it some of the best stuff comes from the absolute nutters with only a very basic understanding on FrontPage 98. If we scrub out the websites of Comic Sans fonts, badly marked up, fusia backgrounded, frankly horrific navigation are we not taking out some of the soul of blogging?

One thought on “The Top Ten Design Mistakes

  1. Absolutely agree 100%! As I was saying to my dog yesterday, if you eliminate the nutters you’re left with the bore-o-sphere. Or as my cat reminds us “who you calling a nutter?”

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