The apprentice

The new series has just started on the beeb. And it seems like its continuing in the same fashion as the first series, good telly, annoying pricks.
Why oh why do these people irritate me that much. It maybe due to statements such as

“£100,000 salary is not enough but it’s a good place to start.”

“Everything I have ever done in life I have succeeded at. That’s why, if I make it through to the final round, I will win. I know I’m going to be the best.”

“I want to be The Apprentice because I think it’s the ultimate business opportunity. Working with Sir Alan and seeing how he operates would be great. I think I could learn an awful lot from him.”

Sorry, but sycophantic, self-obsessed bullshit.

I hate everything about that entire biz-talk thang that goes on, I had enough of all that crap when studying for an Art degree before I even started in the world of business. It’s just the complete lack of actual content and focus that I despise, a sort of crap, half-baked postmodernist process where references to the system of business/art is all that is necessary, where actual focus of the references is besides the point as long as everyone plays the same game.

Good quote from Presentation Zen

I don’t hate politicians and I don’t hate marketers…but I hate the way they talk. “Mission-critical, forward-looking value propositions….” People do not talk that way! Many corporate speakers have a special gift for the “blah-blah-blah.” Is anyone listening? Speeches and presentation do not have to be be stuffy and dull, but neither do they need to be hyped-up and shallow — your audience is praying you’ll be different.

Maybe I am just a stupid idealist, maybe I am naive, doesn’t mean they speak any less crap though.
I believe in this post so much that I have donated my fee to Great Ormond Street.

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