BBC 2.0

Gotta love it, people are angry at auntie. I love the arguments;

Why should public money be used to create competition to a successful commercial venture such as MySpace?

….and what for it…..

Few will want to dispute the emphasis on building multi-media websites to cover areas ranging from sport to health. But the popularity of the BBC — it is already the most popular British website other than the search engines such as Google — makes it virtually impossible for commercial rivals to charge for similar online services in Britain.

This from such balanced and fair individuals such as James MacManus (executive director of News International) and Dan Sabbagh (media editor of The Times, a wholy owned subsidary of News International).

Damn the beeb to hell… dare they use public money to offer an free (monetarily and advertising) portal supporting society and stopping good honest, hard-working billionaires earning some more billions!

Also when did MySpace become just a successful commercial venture? I thought it was a ‘Place for Friends’, not a ‘Place for Friends to fill the pockets of multi-national conglomerates’. Seems to me that the BBC wants to set up a social networking site, not a cash cow. So in that sense James MacManus has nothing to worry about.

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