Rich Barnard – STFU


Artist: Rich Barnard

Rating: 5 out of 5

Media: CD

Genre: acoustic

Producer: self-produced

Favorite songs

  • something about you

Rich has been a firend of mine for a long time (we met at school circa 1990) and many a jape has been shared since. As a very good friend, I am ofcourse duty bound to say that his creative output is good. So on being sent a copy of his first full album, STFU, happiness and pride were in abundance. Yet moving the friendship aside for journalistic impartiality, I bloody well love this album. As soon as the last elegant bars of ‘Something about you’ faded away, I was doublie clicking on the first track such was my enjoyment of this very well produced record. And the second listen only enhanced the experience.

Simple in nature yet complex in all the right places, STFU is a relaxing and uplifting piece of work.

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