JS Weeknotes 1.2

I finished my first course! JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts Actually think I am starting to get this 🙂

This week I learned about Function constructors (and the ‘new’ keyword), Prototypal inheritance, Method chaining, Libraries (specifically jQuery). It was pretty hardcore, I have to keep googling Prototypal inheritance and have struggled to get my head around it, also the two prototypes have totally spun me out, why use the same word!

I *think* I sort of get it, an objects prototype is like a template for the object (and another object) [so many objects], which we can then create new objects from that inherit those properties and methods.

I find the word soup a bit of a problem generally with learning (I’ve failed most coding tests I’ve done), I am starting to realise I am much more of a practical / visual learner, using the specific terms just jumbles my head.

var dogwonder = new Website( // );

We also had a few lectures on jQuery which was really interesting, looking at the unminified code and seeing how it actually works with what we learned so far was fascinating. And also understanding why jQuery is so important, it fixes and has refined so many things and has been perfected over many years so you know that there are certain functions that work across a huge range of devices and browsers. Also there is a library in jQuery! Sizzle! Which does most of the class selection stuff, who knew?! We even wrote a mini-framework call ‘greetr’. See the pen here.


Now onto my next course! Vanilla JavaScript Pocket Guides

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