is dead long live

This site has been running since 2004 💪 primarily as a blog. The origins of the url are that it was a nickname I received early on in my career. I carried it through to internet usernames and then the title of my blog. And in 2012 the name of my Ltd company. Dogwonder Ltd. As such it made sense to have this site as a sort of blog / company site. I had a few different layouts, but it never quite worked out, what was the purpose?

Anyway after some recent discussions, it was pointed out to me I am mostly known professionally by my name not my brand so it made sense to leverage that for my professional work (whilst still trading as Dogwonder Ltd) and retain this site purely for blogging once or twice a decade 😜. is now a thing. Focused purely on my professional side. is just for shits and giggles now (and some code probably).

The many many other urls I have registered over the years, who knows.

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