Virtuality in 2022

The very first post on this blog back in 2004 was around the topic of Virtuality. Whilst reading the Atlantic recently I stumbled across this, which seemed to better encapsulate virtuality in 2022 more than it did then.

[This] is the real meaning of contemporary virtuality. In the virtual space, the technology combats and corrects our frustrations with reality itself – which defies expectation and understanding, by definition.
I seek. I find what I know.
I enjoy this recognition of
myself. I am trained over
time to trust in a path to
understanding that leads
through the familiar, that
leads through me. “I am the
arbiter of what is real. What
is more real than me?

In its basest form – and make no mistake, the baser the form, the stickier the engagement what we’re describing here is a profound technological support for primary narcissism.

The Singularity is Here‘ by Ayad Akhtar (The Atlantic, 2021)

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