Day 18 – Post from the App

Prompt 18/20

Blog: Download the WordPress Mobile app and post a post from the app about your experience posting from the app. Post a link to your post in the comments.

It’s been a while as I used to have the mobile app. Didn’t really ever use it. Didn’t blog enough to justify tbh.

So far it’s pretty good. Took me a while to orientate, the formatting buttons are below the block and some block functions are off screen due to real estate. But after a couple of minutes it seems pretty good.

Block insertion is good. I can add new blocks pretty easily.


Unfortunately appears there was a few bugs on the app, I think maybe because I am on a hosted solution via login? So I’e switched to desktop to finish this post. But if that was sorted I can see this being a good solution, it seems to have all the things you have on desktop in a tiny space, very well designed, easy to use. I wouldn’t use it for long form writing, but for quite posts / edits this is perfect. I shall keep it on my phone.

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