Day 19 – One wish for WordPress granted

Prompt 19/20

Blog: If you could have one wish for WordPress granted, what would it be? Post your response on a WordPress website and link it in the comments.

This is so so minor, an inconvenience, a slight annoyance, and probably a waste of a good wish. But there is one user journey I try and do all the time from WordPress when I update a post or page the ‘View post’ link is waaaaaaay down to the bottom left.

Screen grab of new post screen on WordPress

I know it seems really minor and I know there is the permalink panel, but something like this would make my day so much easier (not even moving it just a new link top right next to the Update button).

Screen grab of alternative screen for post visibility

The main reason for this is I edit a lot of posts and pages (that are already published) and often -click on links to open in a new tab to look at them. So my user experience is edit edit edit, click update (top right) – wacky races with the mouse to go to bottom left in time to click ‘View post’, and if you don’t make it in time then it’s like 3 clicks to get to the url. The above solution would be inline with the Update button.

Again, I should not be trusted with wishes. Genies; please don’t engage with me.

I should probably just make a plugin for this right?

arbitrarily assigned to WP20

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