Day 9 – favorite memory

Prompt 9/20

Tell us about your favorite memory that includes WordPress or the WordPress community. Post your response on a WordPress website and link it in the comments.

There are many, but one stands out more than others.

When I used to work at an agency, we once had a meeting at a large financial institution and a request was made from one high-flying trader:

‘Our blog (WordPress) …. can we turn it into a book’

Well as it happened my colleague had previously worked on something that would take a HTML file and output a PDF. I had contributed some of the code, mostly around theming and CSS (we used a library called PrinceXML that allowed you to use HTML & CSS to generate the PDF).

So we were able to say with pretty high confidence, yes, yes we can make a book out of your blog.

And so it happened; we set up a special WordPress template to output the entire blog in one page, saved it as .html and then put it through Bookler to generate a PDF. With that we could take it to something like Lulu and get back a paperback book delivered. I had to figure out how to get an ISBN, but managed that somehow.

It’s even, and I have no idea how, present on Amazon.

Photo of the inside of a book generated from a blog
arbitrarily assigned to WP20

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