Normal service has resumed…

Well after a month of running this site as it would have been in 2004, all good things must come to an end, so have reverted the theme back to it’s latest iteration (well latest less one, tried out Full Site Editing, and nah, php baby).

Here is a screenshot for posterity.

Screenshot of this website as it would have looked in 2004 after reverting the site theme back to the first one I built for

Text in the image:

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of WordPress, I decided to revert my website to its appearance in March 2004, which at that time would have been built with WordPress 1.0.1 "Miles" (Released: January 25, 2004). There used to be a style switcher on this site, although it appears to have perished. Therefore, I built a new one below.

I made adjustments to accommodate the 19-year evolution of code and conducted digital archaeology to locate specific pieces of code. The theme remains largely unchanged from 2004, with some code retrieved from a 2005 version. Surprisingly, it was relatively easy to make it operational again. Kudos to PHP, HTML, CSS, vanilla JS, and, of course, 'The Loop'!

Presenting circa 2004.

Doodley do doodley do doodley do (Disolve -> Wave warp - Fast Blur)
..."Hey Ya!" slowly fades in...

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