At last

Ah those canny investigators at the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency have finally put all of our collective minds at rest with a statement about what happened at Buncefield (the fuel depot that created the cloud of death over most of the south-east).

Evidence points to a mixture of petrol and air which ignited being the cause of the Buncefield oil depot explosions, the lead investigator has said.

Ah of course, there was me thinking is was caused by cheese.

….And not to be trumped

There appear to have been several explosions but the exact sequence of events has not yet been established.

Damn, these guys are good, so that’s what caused the huge flames and large quantities of smoke, an exp…los..ion, I see,

When are we to see Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency Investigates (HSEEA Investigates) on our screens?

Although to be fair, it does go on to say that its early days and they need to find out more. Still kind of funny though.

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