Had to be done, seen a few others do this via the medium of drawing, but felt some photoshopping was in order.

Benefit fraud
Benefit fraud
Benefit fraud

Generally I have been pretty disgusted at not just the greed of certain MPs but their attitude, first as they tried to stop the same kind of transparency (via laws created by themselves) most members of the public have to abide by (be it tax returns, benefits, crime, work, foi). This alone seemed to smack of one rule for them another for us, acting as if we are their servants, not the other way round. Then actually trying to justify claiming huge amounts of our cash in a time when most people are extremely worried about money made people rightly mad as hell just seemed quite amazing. Just becuase it’s the rules doesn’t mean it’s right (e.g. Iraq abided by their own rules – didn’t really help them did it?)

However in many ways all this was coming, greed, selfishness, protectionism of old ways regardless of their moral and ethical realities had reached fever pitch, be it the bankers greed, media, entertainment & publishing’s contempt for customers needs, police tactics towards peacful process, and now politics. All share a similar theme, the incumbants got greedy and took and took and felt an entitlement to the status-quo regardless of wether this was the right thing to do, or was fair. They deflected change or regulation as it was insinuated we don’t understand, we’re jealous. That’s not to say many ‘normal’ people were not also greedy and reckless in the past but in comparison it seems small change, also we weren’t in control.

It’s a time of change and we now have to tools available to us to (help) inflict that change (teh interwebs). It is no longer about a select group of people controlling from the top (and setting the rules accordingly) and benefiting from that control in pretty disgusting, unfair and arrogant ways. It’s about all of us joining in the conversation, all contributing our thoughts – it’s difficult to be unfair when everyone get’s the opportunity to voice their concerns.

Viva la revolution.


It’s about time I started drawing again. Been a long time. Recently realised that drawing and sketching can be massively useful for fast-prototyping ideas (obvious when I think about it but think I went a bit too digital or nothing in my approach over the past few years).

Went to Atlantis Art shop today and got me some sweet pencils and stuff (Caran d’Ache – Swiss made FTW)

Wierd looking back on old drawings and wondering if I can still wield the pencil, it’s now ten years since I finished my fine-art degree.

Chickens in pencil

If I feel brave enough might post some stuff here.

Creovising & Inovating

Wow, talk about re-inventing the wheel:

The launch title, UNMASKED by Nicola Cornick, a Regency-set historical available from, has been enriched with interactive buttons that hyperlink to Web sites containing photos, historical commentaries, illustrations, sound effects, maps, articles and more, bringing the world of the novel to life without the reader having to leave the computer or the current screen page. The interactive buttons have been designed to be unobtrusive, so if one prefers not to access the bonus material, the reading experience remains uninterrupted

What like the hyperlink? At times like this it makes me think Jeff Jarvis might be right (and maybe not just about Newspapers):

Newspapers are in the wrong businesses. They should no longer be in the manufacturing and distribution businesses — which have become heavy cost yokes — and should no longer try to be in the technology business. They’re bad at it.

So the solution – also from Jeff Jarvis:

Cover what you do best. Link to the rest.

Or even don’t try and link to the rest by re-imagining the concept of the link – you know that thing that makes the internet kinda what it is, the underliny bit that doesn’t require a separate button and new idiom for users to learn.

Quite amusing that the press-release contains examples of the more usual way of linking to other sources rather than these snazzy buttons.

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