Fairwell @twitter?

iOS app was first moved from the thumb spot on the home screen to the archive folder.

iOS app was then deleted.


What now. Well I keep trying to open the app, like a ghost of a habit….

I have a Mastodon account (which I set up in 2017 apparently – no memory) I am slowly building up a following. I accept I will not and *should not* aim to replicate my Twitter following (823 accounts). It’s different, and I want to embrace that.

I’ll maybe check out Tumblr again.

I’ll keep and eye on some interesting developments that are happening (WT.Social)

I’ll also hang out here again a bit more, typing into the void.

I’m getting hold of my Twitter archive and going to put it somewhere accessible.

Twitter dot com had already become a unhealthy space for both myself and many communities (doom scrolling, hyper focus on politics and bad faith arguments, and on and on and on). Musk’s acquisition merely allowed me to better see it for what it was, and also not agree with the proposed future direction (free speech is not something that can just be switched without consequence), likewise real name policy, treatment of staff, and turning it into an absolute monarchy at the behest of a single persons whim.

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I’ll miss it. A lot. Since 2007 () Twitter was a great place to learn, share, laugh, be. But also a place with many many downsides. But also things change, sometimes for the better. Part of me also feels it’s no accident that Facebook and Twitter are tanking at the same time. Maybe this epoch of the internet is over (maybe has been for some time – there’s a good reason people under a certain age go nowhere near these platforms or indeed any mass social media).

Plus ça change.

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