Dogwonder IX

So this blog turns nine years old today.

Still posting rather infrequently, but it’s still mine, and now the official company website.

As per tradition(ish) I will re-post my first ever post, which still holds up imho as a way of viewing the web, by the much missed Jean Baudrillard

“Virtuality, being itself virtual, does not really happen. One lives in the very Rousseauistic idea that there is in nature a good use for things that can and must be tried. I don’t think that it is possible to find a politics of virtuality, a code of ethics of virtuality because virtuality virtualizes politics as well: there will be no politics of virtuality, because politics has become virtual; there will be no code of ethics of virtuality, because the code of ethics has become virtual, that is, there are no more references to a value system.”


Happy echo date(‘Y’)

It’s at times like these that I am very happy I declare copyright notices on the sites I manage using the php method for echoing the year.

Copyright © 

Saves a lot of time and panic after noticing a site you built years ago looks somewhat out of date.

Update: via Maarten Jacobs (@MaartenJJ) it’s a good idea to set the timezone to ensure it displays correctly for the users location via date_default_ timezone_set(). Thanks Maarten

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