Day 8 – Strangest places ✈️

Prompt 8/10

Blog: Tell us about the strangest, most interesting, or otherwise noteable place you’ve done WordPress-related things. Post your response on a WordPress website and link it in the comments.

Well, it’s Heathrow airport, twice.

First time was a colleague of mine, Mark, finishing the company website refresh (migrating away from Movable Type) on the coach journey to Heathrow alongside the rest of the company, when we got wifi in Terminal 5 he was able to deploy it. Then board a plane.

The second…..was also Heathrow Airport on the way to a client workshop in Texas. Another client, even though was explicitly told *we would be on a plane for several hours* had an urgent bug so I had to fix it and deploy it over 3G in a pub in Heathrow. Then board a plane.

Day 5 – Submit a photo

Prompt 5/20

Photograph: Take a photo of street art, or find one you’ve taken previously. Submit it to the WordPress Photo Directory. Once it’s approved, share the link to your photo in the comments. (Or post it online and share the link in the comments.)

This is the photo I submitted, it’s a photo of an underpass in Hackney, London where over many years someone or some people have gradually glued old tech and other found items to a concrete pillar underneath a motorway, and spray pained graffiti over the top.

photo of an underpass in Hackney, previous paragraph decried this in more depth

Day 4 – Oldest WordPress website

Prompt 4/20

Tell us about the oldest WordPress website you know of/worked on/built that you can find in the Wayback Machine. When is it from? What was it for? Screenshots encouraged. Post your response on a WordPress website and link it in the comments.

This site launched in 2004, however it was on another server (and maybe url) anyways the screengrabs of 04/05 from the Wayback Machine don’t work. The earliest I could find that was semi recognisable was December 2006. So 16 or so years.

And here is a screenshot of it then.

Screenshot if this website in 2006
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