Even the bloggers are bored

It really is quite a boring election. Scary, Ginger and er Tony Blair really can’t be arsed can they. Its as if they all got together before the election and said, right, Michael you’ll pretend to be (surely are ~ ed) a dirty racist, I’ll be smug and generally get away with it and you, Charles, can have some good ideas but generally not convince anyone.

Compared to the often rabid blogging in the US 2004 Election, us UK bloggers aren’t really cutting it. The Guardian’s excellent blog is a great site, but even they are struggling to find any interest in the current events…even thier blogwatch is surprisingly bare today….

I mean its like GroundHog day, Iraq war, liar, MRSA, Imigration….er….er….stuff……etc……zzzzzzz……..

Roll on Peter Snow….we need ya.

Guerilla advertising – Tory stylee

I was travelling on the bus the other day and saw this on the back of the seat in front:

tory advert?

Now is it just me or does it seem unlikely that a self-respecting yooth would write this? No exactly going to get you much cred on the tough streets of Islington is it?

Could it be that screaming Lord Saatchi advised a little illegal guerilla advertising?

I pity the fool that came up with that idea. And on the bus….I thought only loosers used them.

Matron – are you thinking what I’m thinking

With the Tories claim that Matron will get hospitals clean (I assume she will solve that pesky problem of viruses evolving with a firm frown and a jolly good ticking off), it got me thinking this is a little deja-vu.

Didn’t they bring them back already?

Link one
Link two

And why hasn’t Milburn said anything, when he was the one that brought her back?

Unless the Tories mean they are going to clone Hattie Jacques and place one of her in every Hospital?

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