Attack of the 6 foot Chickens

Finally got round to scanning some of my artwork I produced whilst on a Fine Art degree.

Ah…can’t quite remember the reasoning behind much of the work now. But it had something to do with the paradox of marketing (and thus beatifying) something inherently ugly (i.e. frozen chicken), I think it was supposed to be an ultra-realistic representation of the process of promotion whilst simultaneously attempting to deconstruct that process. Or maybe I just got a kick out of painting six foot frozen chickens in oil.



Springwatch is the biggest ever survey into the arrival of spring across the UK. It’s run by the BBC in association with the Woodland Trust and the UK Phenology Network.’

‘We would like you to watch out for and record your first sightings of any of the six species below.’

and wouldn’t you know it I saw a seven-spoted ladybird on the 17th. Admittedly it was in my flat, but my window was open for a good hour before sighting (he protests wildly).

Ofcourse in true ‘ufo sighting’ stylee, I managed to only take a rather crap, out of focus photo. All I had to hand was my trusty camera phone.

Note this is nightime and I am trying to take a photo of a bug.

Still, there it was proudly displaying all seven spots. See it yourself in its full grainy, red blobiness:

and get this – ‘Spot them from February-March’, do-da-do-da-do-da-do-da (blog mood music). Global warming/FBI conspiracy/Ladybird hibernating in my flat over winter – who knows…..

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