It’s about time I started drawing again. Been a long time. Recently realised that drawing and sketching can be massively useful for fast-prototyping ideas (obvious when I think about it but think I went a bit too digital or nothing in my approach over the past few years).

Went to Atlantis Art shop today and got me some sweet pencils and stuff (Caran d’Ache – Swiss made FTW)

Wierd looking back on old drawings and wondering if I can still wield the pencil, it’s now ten years since I finished my fine-art degree.

Chickens in pencil

If I feel brave enough might post some stuff here.

Computer Generated Art

I love the idea of computer generated art, problem is that computers lack that subjectivity that determines what we judge to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ art. That’s why using computers for what they are good at, processing millions of functions a second, alongside a person’s innate ability to ‘choose’ between two or more objects is a very interesting idea. Take del.icio.us popular, Amazon’s web services, Digg , YouTube etc etc. What rises to the top is generally considered ‘good’ the millions of less ‘good’ items remain languishing in the chaos. I have experimented with Genetic Algorithms to produce images for a while now, problem is that as each image is technically unique, you tend to end up with chaos.

William Poundstone, author of The Recursive Universe, contrived an analogy to illustrate why searching huge Borgian libraries of knowledge is as difficult as searching the huge Borgian library of nature itself. Imagine, Poundstone said, that there is a library with all possible videos. Like all Borgian spaces, most of the items in this library are full of noise and random grayness. A typical tape would be two hours of snow. The main problem with searching for a viewable video is that no title, call name, or symbol of any sort could represent a random tape in any less space or time than the tape itself. Most of the items in a Borgian library are incompressible into anything shorter than the work itself. (This irreducibility is the current definition of randomness.) To search the tapes, they must be watched, and therefore the information, time, and energy needed to sort through all the tapes would exceed the information, time, and energy needed to create the tape you wanted, no matter what the tape was.

Source: Kevin Kelly

I just wish I was better at programming so I could attempt to sift through the chaos.

Attack of the 6 foot Chickens

Finally got round to scanning some of my artwork I produced whilst on a Fine Art degree.

Ah…can’t quite remember the reasoning behind much of the work now. But it had something to do with the paradox of marketing (and thus beatifying) something inherently ugly (i.e. frozen chicken), I think it was supposed to be an ultra-realistic representation of the process of promotion whilst simultaneously attempting to deconstruct that process. Or maybe I just got a kick out of painting six foot frozen chickens in oil.


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