Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Great article concerning design thinking, and how business should embrace design thinking and methodology. The reasoning is an ever changing social-media connected consumer base. Gone are the days of ‘managing’ a product or service and shaping consumers perception via various techniques such as advertising, brand management, hype and hyperbole (well maybe not quite gone – but their effect is certainly diminished). Consumers feel empowered, they feel in control and to a certain extent they are.

Where designers come into all this is that designers design experiences and are best placed in this new media/web 2.0 world to communicate a concept, idea, message, meme in an honest way. Consumers/Users also want to design their own experiences so they require designers to supply the tools via good interaction design or to supply the skills to visualise those experiences. Further, as mentioned in the article, design goes much further than mere aesthetics (which is still a popular perception of design). Design can be the design of systems, architectures, information work flows, processes, platforms, concepts, ideas, interaction and possibly even political discourse.

That’s Design As Margaret Mead, Design As Anthropology. Design is so popular today mostly because business sees design as connecting it to the consumer populace in a deep, fundamental and honest way. An honest way. If you are in the myth-making business, you don’t need design. You need a great ad agency.

Design should not give up its special ability to visualize ideas and give form to options. Design should extend its brief to embrace a more abstract and formalized expression of how it translates empathy to creativity and then to form and experience. Be broad, not narrow. Global, not parochial. Do not deny the powerful problem-solving abilities of design to the cultures of business and society.

From: CEOs Must Be Designers, Not Just Hire Them. Think Steve Jobs And iPhone | Link

And one of the bits I really like, Britain is doing rather well in this area.

A report by the Work Foundation, which looked at 13 sectors within the entertainment and design industries, found that cultural exports from Britain, such as music and television programmes, are greater than from any other country. According to the findings, Britain’s creative sector employs 1.8 million people and makes up 7.3 per cent of the national economy.

From: Creative industries ‘fuel Britain’s economic growth’ | Link

What I am, I don’t know. I am the simulacrum of myself.

Indeed tis a very sad day, Jean Baudrillard has died aged 77. A personal favourite of mine


An excellent obituary by the Guardian here, another by the Beeb

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Hypodermic needle models

Just seen this question and answer (taken from a textbook called Being Sociological).

Approaches to media that see the audience as a passive mass of spectators are known as:
Hypodermic needle models

I find it quite interesting as there appears to be an ever increasing shift away from this model. I have been noticing more and more that a less passive model is appearing in the daily discourse. Broadcasters are realising more and more that their audience aren’t a bunch of knuckle dragging imbeciles that should be kept at arms length lest they contanimate the cultural froth (or that they still think exactly that but you can’t stop people in the days of t’internet, multi channel TV, etc.). But whatever the reasons I welcome the change, I am fed up with being spoken to by The Media as if I am an idiot that has to be subjected to a constant barrage of bright colours, metaphorical smoke and mirrors imagery operating on a clever ‘subconscious’ level (read sex and a better lifestyle). I welcome a more two way conversation maybe then we can say, you know what, that advert – it demeans me and lots of others, stop it.
— Sent from my comfortable office chair —

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