I’m confused

Okay, The Sun calls for heads to roll at the Beeb for faking the Queen’s exit from a photo shoot, but when they print fake pictures of a Great White shark in Cornwall it’s okay? Have I got that right?

So when is it okay to lie? Seems to be it’s not okay when you believe it to be true (like the BBC), but okay if you’re the Sun. But they’re just cheeky chappies aren’t they?

‘Cornish’ shark photo was taken in South Africa
Top TV Bosses tough it out

Is the fakery issue just one of those cyclic issues in media, just as early photography came under fire for early fakes. Seems to stem from our need to to trust new technology and forget that there are people behind the scenes, people who are not necessarily trustworthy.


Am loving the lomo technique for photos. Makes things look aged and a little spooky.

Kind of intesting that, as we canter headlong into the digital age, with increasing ability to produce perfect imagery, so we see the rise of techniques such as this to reproduce imperfect finishes. Although on the flip side, is it the increasing ability of programs such as photoshop to produce any effect imaginable that fuels this rise? Either way, I like it. It’s similar to TV and film now where directors are using interferance and snow as mechanisms to convey certain feelings.

Is that post-modernist? I truely have no idea any more. The term is starting to mean everything and nothing to me.

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